Resi -Bin

Do you struggle with the time to go to a container refund depot? Hate the long queues and the waiting but still want to earn money recycling your containers? Getting on in years? Or simply haven't thought it worth the effort? Then you need a Resi-Bin. A Resi-Bin is a collection point for your 10c eligible containers at home. For one low yearly cost, you get the bin and 26 collections (as you book them) throughout the year

The Resi-Bin is a great way for households to collect their eligible containers throughout the year without having to go down to their local Containers For Change depot. The Resi-Bin is the same size as a typical council bin (240L) and will hold approx 300 cans or 280 stubbies when full. Once the subscription is paid, there are no further costs involved in the collection service. You will receive the full 10c for each and every eligible container in the bin. Ineligible containers will not receive a rebate.

Resi-Bin is a great way to get your family involved in recycling and bring in some extra money into the household. The average house would need a collection each fortnight. This would see the subscription paid off within the first month leaving the other 11 months as straight profit.

Maybe you are looking for ways for your child to start their own business? Resi-Bin is a great way to get them started. Let them borrow the subscription fee. Have them pay it back over an agreed period of time and get them out collecting. Every child has a neighbor/ family friend/ grandparent with 10c eligible containers. Even a walk down the street or through the park will bring in product. This will give them many great lessons in sales, money handling and interpersonal relationships. Things they don’t learn in school.

You can have as many bins as you like. The yearly cost for one bin is $50 paid in advance. $90 for 2 bins and $40 for each additional bin thereafter. Within that fee is 26 collections per year when you need them.

Signing up for a bin is simple. Just fill in the form below and an invoice will be emailed to you. Once the payment is received, the bin will be delivered. Once your bin is full, simply text the number on the bin with your name and address and a clean, new bin will be delivered for the collections to begin again. The full bin’s number will then be recorded at collection time and then taken back to our depot at Loganholme for counting and payment processing. Payment is only through a Scheme ID (eg C1234 5678) where the money can be received either into your bank account or into your Paypal account; it’s your choice.

If you don't have a scheme ID, no problem. It's free to sign up and takes less than 5 minutes. Just go to www.containers and Sign Up. Once the bin contents are counted you should receive your money within 2 business days. So you know the rules, be sure to read our Terms and Conditions. This is really important to ensure we are both on the same page and both parties’ expectations line up.

Need more information? Feel free to come in and see us at 18 Chetwynd St, Loganholme or call us on 0412 055 195.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are a binding contract between Queensland Container Recycling Pty Ltd and the resident of the property and set out the correct use of the container collection bin/s. In regards to the container collection bin, known also as Resi-Bin, the use of the bin is subject to the following conditions:-
  1. The use of the bin is for the purpose of storing 10c refund eligible containers ONLY. NO other use of the bin is permitted. No, you cannot store your pet frogs in it. Or your concrete. Or you radium. Etc, Etc.
  2. The resident/ user agrees to ensure that the bin is kept safe and secure from theft, willful damage, neglect and the like to where practically possible. Any damage or loss caused through neglect of the above will be charged at the full bin replacement cost including the cost of attached stickers. Just look after it please.
  3. The customer agrees to make the bin accessible for collection at the agreed upon day and time free of lean to’s and piles of green waste stacked on top.
  4. This is a subscription service. No you are not paying off the bin. You do not own the bin. You will never own the bin. The bin remains the property of Queensland Container Recycling at all times. You, the resident, are just babysitting the bin for me. We reserve the right to remove any bin where the renewal subscription is not paid on time and/ or the containers within to the value of the subscription until such time as the outstanding invoice is paid.
  5. We only pay via scheme ID. No other payment method will be allowed. If you don't have a scheme ID, please go to and click the button Sign Up. This will then see the money paid direct into your bank account or PayPal account depending on how you set it up.
  6. You will receive the full 10c for each eligible container. Ineligible containers do not bring a rebate. So check your label for the ‘10c refund’ wording as you don’t want to fill up your bin with containers that won't bring you a refund. Oh and it's just drink containers. I don’t want your food containers!!
  7. There are no refunds. Once the yearly subscription is paid, that's it. If you change your mind and don't want to do it anymore then that is your choice but no refunds. Please understand what you are agreeing to as there are NO REFUNDS.
  8. Within the subscription price is a maximum of 26 collections. No refund is given if the household does not use all of these collections. Any additional collections needed above 26 for the subscription year will be charged at 50 containers removed from the bin per collection.
  9. The client/ resident will be invoiced on the anniversary of signing up to the subscription automatically. Should the customer choose not to continue with their service, a notice of 30 days minimum is required to enact cancellation. The bin will be picked up at the end of the full year unless we are notified otherwise.
  10. If the customer is moving address for any reason, a minimum 14 days notice is required. It is at the discretion of Queensland Container Recycling if we are servicing the area to where the customer is moving to. If the customer is moving to an area not serviced by us then the bin will be removed without refund of subscription for the unused portion of the year.
  11. It is the customers responsibility to maintain the contents of the bin. ALL CONTAINER LIDS ARE TO BE REMOVED. Rubbish is to be kept out of the bin as are ineligible containers. Where rubbish is found in the bin, no refund will be paid on its contents.
  12. Please put your glass bottles into the bin carefully. Broken bottles can’t be counted so please be careful.
  13. Stuff goes up in price. We too have to cover costs so please be aware we may have to raise our price at some time in the future to cover a rise in costs.