Welcome to QLD Container Recycling

We are a family owned and run provider for the Containers for Change Scheme. 

We are an over the counter, fully staffed depot . 

We provide a cash refund on the spot or direct deposit through your Containers for Change Scheme ID. 


As long as the containers display the 10c refund mark (regardless of the state mentioned) and are an approved container for the scheme, then they can be brought in for a refund

Most containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible. Containers can be made of  Aluminium, Steel, Glass, Plastic or Liquid Paperboard Beverage

Not perfect? No worries! You can bring your squashed cans and bottles to us. We just need to be able to verify they are eligible ie. recognisable brand that is part of the scheme 

Still not sure?

 Don't throw good money in the bin. For further information on the eligibility of your container follow this link to Containers For Change.